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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> announce tonight a local neighborhood is on edge as policeor search a man accused of turning on members of his family. >> police say this man, 20-year-old osman kalokoh is armed and dangerous. he allegedlyisilled h own uncle and seriously injured his aunt and now he's on the run. tracee wilkins is live for us tonight with new details about this deadly confrontation. tracee? >> reporter: i spoke with that aunt, her hand was still from the gun shot that she took to the hand. she wasn't interested in talking on camera, f she's still, course, going through a horrible time dealing with the death of her husband and deang with the fact that police say her nephew was the one who was responsiblw hile we didn't talk with her on camera, we did talk to people who she talked to and described what happened to a man
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who people say is nothing but kind and gentle. >> i neverim heard having any quarrel with nobody. he's a very decent human being. >> reporter: of the people who knew him, they describe him the same >> the minute he sees you, he smiles, hugs you. >> reporter: it makes ide har to understand why his nephew, osman kalokoh wouldsh allegedly t and kill his uncle and his aunt sunday mo police are now searching for 20-year-old osman kalokoh he's considered armed and dangerous. this family friend who did not want his face shone talked to what h's wife about happened. >> reporter: the boy walked in and shot him in his chest. >> reporter: police have not revealed details but this man said the alleged gunman did not enop at one shot.
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>> he in and shot him in his back, made sure the guy was dead. then he was going to kill the wife, too. the bullet went through the hand, went through the door, went through that lady's house. if you go there you can see the bullet hole. >> reporter: police confirm osman was at his uncle's house earlier in the day but friends say he was not allowed inside the home >> the uncle did not want to see him in the house again. he w a bad boy, he had been in prison ber:re. >> reporhe aunt also told me when we were speaking and i told her they had not cght osman at this point, she told me she believes that police will catch him quickly. prince george's county police want to remind the believe he is armed and dangerous. and saying anyone who may be helping him could be looking at possible charge reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. the man arrested in thef
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killing three people on a tram in a dutch city is no ranger to authorities. >> police say the suspect has a previous criminal record. video shows police swarming an apartment complex during this ad ning's man hunt which schools and businesses in lock down. tonight the 37-year-oldurkish citizen is in custody. he's accused of also injuring five people in the dutch officials initially said this was terror related but now say it's early to tell. people in new zealand are voluntarpy giving their weapons in the wakeesass shooti country's history. the prime minister promising to beef up gun laws. nbc's sar harmon has our report. >> reporter: christchurch is a city in mourning for the 50 people now confirmed dead as the
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conversation in new zealand turns to gun control. the prime minister is vowing that the gun laws will change and swiftly. saying she'll unveil concrete measures in the next tenys >> i strongly believe that the in majority of gun owners new zealand will agree with the sentiment that change needs to occur. i, in fact, believe that they will be with us. >> reporter:meanwhile, some new zealanders are turning their firearms in voluntarily to police stations. the rifle clu where the suspect was a member has voluntarily closed the shooting range saying the gun club members are in mourning. the suspect has appeared in court and says he'll respect himself flashing what's being called a white power symbol. n the ple remain hospital. some of them fighting for their lives. as people here in christchurch gather to remember those who died and pray for those fighting to live. sarah harmon, nbc news
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christchurch. the new zealand attack is one of a dozen t topic president decided to discuss via social media starting over the weekend and into much of today. mr. trump unleashing aad t of tweets targeting several familiar rivals. but it's comments about the late john mccain getting some bipartisan push ck. meantime, one of the only public events at the white house today, a work group with the first ladh discussing be best campaign, which focuses in part on comb combatticomba combatting cyber bullying, blayne alexander jns us live. >> reporter: president trump has made it clear he likes to communicate on twitter. but this time around it was the sheer number of tweets, at least 50 and the subject mter that's raising some eyebrows. >> the challenge that -- >> reporter: with the 2020 race for the white house heating up, democrats runni t replace president trump are pushing back on his tone. >> let's not play his game.
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let's keep our eyes on the prize. >> reporter: it comes a the president unleashes a twitter tirade on everyone from general motors to google to "saturd a biden, who was notvice officially in the race but appeared to slip up over the weekend almost announcing a run. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- of anybody who would run. >> reporter: the president afterward calling biden another low iq individual. but it's the president's tweet about a former senator turned accounted, senator john mccaint 's getting strong reaction nearly seven months after his death from brain cancer. the president recalling mccain's now infamous thumbsowvote on the health care repeal. >> i will always respect and applaud his service to the country. >> reporter: but his daughter
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megan speaking on heview. >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he will never b a greatman. >> reporter: the president lashes out as special counsel robert mueller's investigation seems to be winding down. the president citing a pole that sa 50% agree it's a witch hunt. some expert pollsters say the question is confusing andss ly misleading, poorly written at best. here's what the question says, it says president trump has investigation a wit hunt and says that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents, do you agree? experts say that's asking people to agree withif tworent questions. >> open to interpretation. beto o'rourke set a record with his ery into the 2020 presidential race. his campaign announcing that it
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more than $6 million in online donations in the first 24 hours. with that first day of fund-raising, he beats out two democratic opponents, bernie a sander kamala harris. they did not say how many donors contributed or the amounts. storm team 4 is keeping an eye on the cherry blossoms as we inch towards peak bloom. we got an update from the national park service this afternoon. >> d.c.'s famous blooms now moved to stage 2. that means the nfloer ets are nw visible. they're on track for beakom but changes in the weather could impact it, what do you think, doug? >> i think we're looking good as far as peak bloom between the 4th and 8th of april.s the reasonwe're going to be rather cool for the next couple
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days,nd even the next ten days not a lot of warmth out there. our ve a storm system to south. you can see where the air is coming from from the north and we. you notice the clouds coming in, some shower activity as well. we saw some snow flurries in parts of the area this morning. 50 in washington, 48 in hagerstown. richmond, 41 degrees. that's because the storm system is right down to the south. so cooler in areas like fredericeaburg. city, 42 degrees. we need to double that number for the summertimeo get there. we'll talk about the temperatures when ey do start warm. i have the forecast for you. i'm back in 16 minutes. the highest court in the land will consider if d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo should get a new sentencing hearing. him and john allen muhammad terrorized the d.c. area back in
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2002. they killed ten people. executedn mammad was and lee boyd malvo was sentenced to life in prison. but a federal appeals court ruled mao should be resentenced because he was a teenager at the time of the cres, he was 17. the supreme court will hear the case when its next term begins in october. pete williams will be joining us the next half hour to discuss this case. the jury rowill resumebe detions in the trial of a man accused of killing a young artist nearly two years ago. news4's megan fit fitzgerald wao in the cou for closing arguments today. >> reporter: it's been nearly two years to the day since camille was tied up, brutally raped and murdered. now it's in the hands of the jury. the day started with the prosecution presenting their
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closing arguments to jurors.nt they p at torre and said he is the one that killed carina, a thriving artist who wanted to change the world thugh art and was in d.c. working on an exhibit.or prosecut went back through the evidence telling jurors that torre's dna was found on carina's body and a backpack he s arrested with. they said after her left her northeast apartment on march 20, 2017, he took her blue toyota prius. prosecution said he was sign usingit her d card at atms across the dmv. but the defense tried to tear gu down that nt, saying that its client is innocent and police didn't thoroughly investigate and didn't follow-up on other leads. they reminded jurors that two weeks before carina was raped and murdered a similar situation hneaper tdo another
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story. police said torre didn't commit that crime and an aest was never made. they're hoping that sows doubt inhe minds of jurors that the wrong man is on trial. i spoke with carina's step mother who said, quote, we are very pleased with the work police did and the work the government has done. the evidence is overwhelming and we feel confident and h jeful that ty will make the right decision. next on news4, high school girls ranked. >> and not based on their test scores or their points scored on the field, but based on their physical appearance. >> iha didn't knowwas a thing we needcho be teaing kids again. but that's technically sexual harassment. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss a local woman coming down this hill on a scooter takes nasty fall. now i'm going to tell you why ae wantsion from the company.
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>> reporter: the days ofome hru
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school officials are treating it as more than a case of boys being boys. >> several male students disciplined for circulating a list which they appeared to rate their female classmates onph ical attractiveness. darcy spencer is at bcc w hh schore she talked with some of those students. >> reporter: susan school officials made it clear today that this kind of behavior will not be tolered and students themselves told me this wasery d disrespectable to their
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classmates and they want these boys punished. it's dy missal time at bethesda chevy chase high school, several students stopped to talk with us about what went on. >> i think honestly theco alsus was it wasn't an okay thing at l. and the girls banded together and took it on as a team because it was hurtful to a lot ofpe ople. >> school officials say that the boys targeted 18 senior girls with their first names and a rating beside it, those ratings were used to rank the girls. >> the school called it bullying, do you see it that way? >> completely. it is bully, harassment. >> reporter: the schoolis syste ed a statement saying quote this incident has been very upsetting for students, staff and families. bcc high school has no tolerance for bullying. our school strives to create a sense of belonging and respect for all students. this incidentoes not reflect
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those values. the students we spoke to agre >> be goo people. be good humans and see what your actions can do to others. >> reporter: the boys involved were discipl ed and school officials did not say how many were involved and what action were >> they might not see it as a big deal but since they're disciplined, i feelthey're learning the lesson. >> it shouldn't matter how you ook. inside, all us are beautiful in our own way, so you shouldn't worry about what people say aboutyou. >> reporter: some good insight there from a high school student. bcc has held meetings to all students to share how this has impacted them personally. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. an arlington county resident says she hasn't been able to work for weeks. she took aft fall the brakes on her e she tells us she made a split second decision to jump off rather than drive in oncoming
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traffic. she talked to adam tuss about her ordeal. >> i would like some closure to this. like i guess you don't care about your customers. m this was happening in other industries, like industry i have to take care of my customers. for me i feel like i've been leout. >> this was annette bass just a few weeks ago after a nasty spill on a bird scooter. some pictures a bit too graphic to show. this happened two blocks frm partment in courthouse on a pretty big hill on north barton street. she said her scooter didn't have a traditional brake,ust a brake button. >> i tried to use the braking mechanism and itrkidn't so when i was on the hill i had to make an executive decision to whether hit oncoming traffic coming at me, or jump off. so i had to jump off. >> reporter: injuries to her , head, knee legs, feet, the scars still visible. she's been out of work for weeks and is seeing if bird will help
6:19 pm
with her bills. >> i've bee down that hill four other times on this scooter with one that had brakes. this is not a first-time incident for me, i've been riding this scooter for a while. >> reporter: she said she won't be bk on the scooter. bird told her though we cannot prome anything on our end, we need to gather as much information as p we can move forward. they tell us they regularly maintain their scooters. meanwhile, heui's a q safety checklist before you get on a scooter. there are a couple dferent variations on scooters, and if you want to check the brakes on some, you can pull back and make sure that the wheel locks on the backsi. but the one that nanet riding, has a button brake, you can't check that. but it has a back brake, push down on that make sure the wheel locks. as the scooters gain popularity,
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a reminder to all of us to ride safely. in arngton, adam tuss news4. you can find more scooter safety tips in our f nbc washington app. search scooters. a staple of 1d.c.h street district is closing its doors. >> for twoe decades h rule has been the go to f spot home goods. today derrick ward talked with the owner about what's next for him and t f store. >> reporter: the change is everywhere along the 14th streeh f nst corridor, these days you can call it vibrant. when greg opened home rule 20 years ago, vibrant didn't apply. > there's very little day time retail. and at night it was completely shuttered up. >> reporter: the hay d had passed press briefings the corridor had y to bounceack from the '68 riots. wondered about his venture. >> why did you open the store
6:21 pm
here. >> reporter: he found a niche. they scoured trade shows for what they needed in the neighborhood. >> occasionally it would have to do wit housewares and occasionally not. >> reporr: now more bittersweet they're announcing the store is closing after two decades. >> it's time, let's move on to something else. >> reporter: inside, more memories than merchandise but the regs still stop in for the last buys and good-byes. >> when i moved here it was one of the only things on 14th street. >> thereot too much other special tiff cooking stores. so iave to resort to waiting for things to show up online. >> i can't believe how lucky we were this happened the way it happened and it lasted s long. >> reporter: as for greg link 'll be o to some light planting and farming elsewhere. >> i'd g chickens in here but my goats wouldn't be happy.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: what comes after? he owns this building and he has good knowledge of what people wouldoike see and not like to see. and he plans to t seed toir wishes as best he can. derrick ward. and greg link had planned to stay open until the end of the monthut with mostf his remaining merchandise already gone and sold off, he said the doors could close for good this week. >> he'll be heading out for spring breakea y. >> exactly. next, children go to school tolearn, not to face brain harming levels of lead exposure. that's why local officials are trying to crackown on elevated levels at thousands of marylan schools. schools. storm t
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schools. storm t ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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exciting news about the cherry blossoms being stage 2 but we'd like sunshine. plea >> and warmer temperatures. >> that too. >> we got spoiled in the 7s. >> one day. >> that was it. we want some warmer weather. to rtunately it's not going come any time soon. we have cool conditions outside today. with some sun it was on the chilly side. now you notice the clouds moved back in, we have a mixture of clouds and sun, look at that temperature, winds out of the northeast a m 7es per hour. look at the rest of the area. most everybody in the 40s. 46 in fredericksburg. 44 in huntington. 41 in cambridge. 45 in gaithersburg. so a very chilly afternoon for
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this time of year, our average high is 57 degrees. that would be nice, tack on another 7 degrees. showers trying to make their way through, most of it not hitting the grou but don't be rprised to see a sprinkle ther as this storm system is making its way to the south. we have our air coming out of the north here, that's why we're on the cooler side of things. all the way down to the so h, down towards alabama, partsf o georgia, they're under freeze warnings tonight. how about orlando, they have clouds, showers, and a temperature right now of 63 degrees. that's amazingth down e. disney world, they're not feeling too good about disney world right now. the warmest on theap is dallas at 70. there's no warm air on the eastern portion of the nation, most of it on the colder side. that's the way we'reng g to be the next couple days. a cold start at the bus stop, 47
6:27 pm
recess. up to 52 degrees when we pick up the kids. so it is a chilly day o our wednesday. chance of showers on thursday, i may have to bump that upri and fday temperatures in the upper 50s. next, millions of students have been exposed to elevated levels of lead in drinking fountains in american schools. >> details on efforts here in our area to crack down on this and keep kids safe. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in alexandria, it was a savage murder a man killed in a window store. now the attorneys for the accused say they will ask jurors accused say they will ask jurors to find him not gui
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they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at right now at 6:30 for the first time we're learning what might have caused a man to violently stab and beat an old town alexandria store owner to death. this happened last summer. >> in opening statements defense attorneys say the killer was in a psychotic state and thought the victim waserewf. jul c expiny dense attorneys admit their client is a killer but he's not guilty. >> reporte he's a brutal murder that's been a mystery. >> he's nice to everybody.
6:31 pm
i can't imagine what caused this attack on him. >> reporter: but on july 13th, friday the 13th last year, jackson was in the window store he managed just before noon when the defendant came in, he attacked him, slicing jackson with a box cutter leaving 53 cuts. then the defendant left the store half naked, jumping into a woman's car as she parked on spring street. said the prosutor, those final moments had to be moments of unquestionable tore. when police found him, referring to to bhsasin he had the blood on his hands. his defense attorneys say he ffered from buy polar disorder, attacking his own family. he just cheed out of a psy
6:32 pm
psychiatric hospital when he headed for alexandria, to old town. the most frighten is the fact that brad jackson was a total stranger said the defense attorney, there was no connection, this wasetely random. there was no rhyme, there was no reason, there was no motive. but the defense attorney told jurors bhasin did think the victim was a werewolf the defense will ask the jury to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. two young people are back with their family this evening after someone spotted them wandering around on their own. the kids who are believed to be 2 and 3 years old had been walking around in a wooded area yesterday, we're told authorities located the babisas mother night but it's unclear who had been watching
6:33 pm
them and how they wound up alone in the first place. child protective services and now looking into it. updating a story you saw only on news4, virginia state police are manually checking the records of 2,400 defendants found reason by reason of insanity to make sure they cannot buy guns. thisom after news4 discovered the man who shot alexandria officer peter laboy was able to buy a h gun aft was released from a psychiatric hospital kashif bashir was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting. human error kt his name off the do not sell list. state police are doubleto checkg ake sure there are no other similar cases. arlington count approved a multimillion dollar incenti package to bring amazon to crystal city over the weekend but it didn't go over well with some. >> are we going to be allow today continue our meeting
6:34 pm
without disruption? >> the board voted urdnimously sa as the audience shouted shame. the board voted multi-million dollar incentive package, one man was dragged out by police. >> you're about to give the richest company on the planet $23 million, you all should ashamed of yourselves. the man arrested is a wellnown d.c. activists. police charged him with disorderly conduct after multiple disruption the board voted unanimous to approve the $23 million incentive package. for amazon the way to come to crystal city. concerns over the safety of drinki water at montgomery county public schools. elevated led c levelld put students at risk. chris gordon spoke with schl ficials and county leaders who said now is the time to act. >> reporter: lead in drinkings water dangerous, especially
6:35 pm
for young students. >> the danger of lead i it can affect the cognitive and bone development in children. it can affect -- it can leadem , it can lead to behavioral problems, increased hyper activity. >> reporter: last set a standard for public schools requiring remediation of all outlets with a lead level above 20 parts per billion. montgomery county tested 13,570 outlets, 249 had elevated results. of those 159 outlets were accessible to students. they were immediately taken out service, remediated and retested. ery county council is considering a bill to restrict led levels in water at all public schools even more. from 20 parts per billion to 5 parts. >> we send ours k to school to develop their brains not damage
6:36 pm
them. >> reporter: the montgomery county school system supports the newda st. >> we're committed to providing safe and high quality water for our schools and students and staff. >> reporter: parents we asked like theestrictions on lead content in school water. >> absolutely therehould be more reck lagss to ensure that the water that our children are drinking is the healthiest it can be. >> reporter: thetgomery county council is also considering tighter restrictions n led in the water in public libraries, parks, andat recion centers. reportingm montgomery county, chris gordon news4. next, doctors reversedvise they've been giving to patnts for decades. working for your health with the important new recommendations about baby asprin. e it's a coning across our region. going to be a cold night tonight too. wakingp tohilly numbers. i'll update you what to expect in the morning and when we're going to see warmer
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a fire broke out at a historic church that may be familiar to some of you movie fans o there, this is in paris, it was built in the 17th century on foundation that dates back to the middle ages. b four people hn inside when the flames broke out. everyone made it o safely and fire crews quickly got everything contained. this is the church used for the filming of thedain key code. a new recommendation about taking asprin for heart attacks or strokes. dr. john torres has more. >> reporter: for decades millions of aricans have been prescribed a daily asprin to try to prevent a heart attack or stroke.
6:40 pm
now the american college of cardiology and the heart association have come out saying the majority of americans should not be taking that aspirin. they're saying americans without a high risk factor for heart attack or stroke should avoid taking a daily asprin because of the risk of bleeding with this. tonight on "nightly news" we'll discuss whether you should be taking ansprin or avoiding it. apple unv tled ipads this morning. there's their ipad in a 10.5 inch design and a 7.9 inch ipad mini. both devices offer key port support and work with the apple pencil. both models are available now to start ordering and will hit store shelves next week. i appl also expected to nnounce a video streaming service next wee it's the hope of the whopper but now burr king is making it
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easier to get your daily caffeine fix. >> they're launching a coffee subscription plan. here's how it rks. for 5 bucks a mth you can get a small cup of regular coffee every day. if you're a weekday commuter, it's about a $20 value and youc sign up by downloading the bk app. burger king is hoping to lure in people to buy breakfast along with their cup of joe. a week's long sniper rampage paralyzed the d.c. region more than a decade and a half ago. >> one of theay two bel snipers was just 17 at the time. should he be allowed to challenge his life sent we'll talk about it next. storm team 4 timing o
6:42 pm
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click, call or visit a store today. ourop stories tonight police in prince george's county are searching for this man, 20-year-old osman kalokoh. he's accused o killing his uncle 69 year ali kaloh enter wounding his aunt yesterday morning. one of the bullets went through a woman's home next door, she was not hurt. dutch police arrested a man today who they say shot and killed three people on a city tram, surveillance video shows the suspect right there on board. now five other people were wounded this morning. prosecutors say terrorism could beay at ut investigators aren't ruling out other motives. historic flooding in the midwest thanks in part to last month's record snow fall. this is the scene in omaha, nebraska water moving into areas
6:45 pm
it's never been. 10 million families may be urpacted as the water moves to the mis and many mississippi river basins. al this the supreme court will hear testimony surrounding a case that haunts people still in our area. >> lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence for his role in the beltway sniper attacks that terrorized our region in 2002. he is now pushing for a new sentencing. > joining us with a closer look is nbc's justice correspoent pete williams. the two things we're understanding here a is his and also whether he received a discretionary or a mandatory sentence. can you help us understand that? >> sure. it's because after he was supremenged, the u.s court ruled against and struck down the idea of giving juveniles mandatory life sentences. tguing that juveniles basically don't have mental maturity that older people do. so that it takes a deliberation,
6:46 pm
a consideration of whether someone is basically irredeemable or whether it was simply an immature ouurst that caused them to do what they did. after that ruling, the supreme s court made i ruling in that case, striking down mandatory sentences nor juveniles retroacti retroactive. so are two questions he first of all, should it apply to cases like malvo's, but secondly getting to your question. the issue is was there a mandatory sentence in his case because a jury did impose the life without parole sentence. the sate said it was not mandatory, it was decided by a jury. his lawyers said it wasn't much of a choice at all, they had to choose between the death penalty and life in prison. >> i remember so clearly some of these killings happened in
6:47 pm
maryland, some in virginia, the trials were in two different aces. explain, if you would, does this affect maryland, virginia? >> just virginia. actually, he was --e g the death penalty from a jury trial, then he pleaded guilty and g a second death penalty -- i'm sorry, those are the two life without parole sentences, those are the two sentences he's he has appeals pending on the maryland sentences, but those haven't reached this stage yet, those will go first and however the supreme court decides this case could have an impact in maryland. >> it had an impact on you guys that lived here, lived through it. >> y bet. >> we will never forget it. thank teyou, pete williams, nbc news justice correspondent. > doug is back with more on our weather. a little bit betterews in the future, i hope? >> i think sunday looking really good. six days away. that's the day -- >> we'll take it.
6:48 pm
>> -- we're looking forward to. temperatures rig now well below average. saw a chilly day across ourle reason today. snow flurry activity early this morning, shower activity, and look at this, this is how our day ends, a very nice sunset. as we makeur way through the night it is going to be a cold dght. i mean a really cold night. there's a differentta v point. 50 degrees the current temperature. dropping into the 30s b 11:00. tonight will be chilly and early tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 20s. 45 in gaithersburg. 44 in annapolis. 49 in manassas. so everybody in the 40s with the exception of d.c. right at the airport there48. couple of showers they've been trying to form across parts of the area, most of it not hitting
6:49 pm
the ground. you may see sprinkles around culpepper, fredericksburg, wall direct waldorf. you can see the rain, it's sliding down across our region, much cooler and we sta on the cool side of things most of this week. tomorrow morning, look at the lowemperatures, 33 in the city. 27 in gaithersburg. 28 in frederk. culpepper 26 early tomorrow morning. it is a cold start to tuesday. it looks like we start to moderate a little bit over the nextouple days but temperatures stay below average. tomorrow sunny, coo and dry. without the wind, with some sunshine, 52 degrees not a bad afternoon with the sunshine out there. it will warm a little bit as wm our way towards the rest of the week. o want to get i the upper 50s and 60s.
6:50 pm
you see that, 52 tomorrow, 55 on wednesday. and 58 on thursday. i've upped the showers to 40%. not a wash out of a day but you may want to take the umbrella with you. friday breezy temperature around 57 degrees. temperat es cool there,too. look at the weekend, saturday a chilly day. 54 degree but sunday, a nice day. we're turning the corner, the winds will be shifting more out of the south, sevenouthwest andt helps temperatures rise to the upper 60s, close to s 70 onday and monday. and then watching this right here, the european model h a foot of snow in parts of the area. .re than th i don't buy that right now. i think it's too late in the b seas something to be watching right now. i think it mostly will be a rail event but be watching it closely. i need a little more snow for my winter forecast. so i would take it. >> you' hoping the european model is right.
6:51 pm
>> i would take it. coming up the maryland women heading to the dance earlier thks an [ ding ] show me the crown. [ ding ] show me homecoming. [ ding ] baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you, uh, mind giving someone else a turn? oh, yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet. so... that's simple. easy. awesome. switch to xfinity and get started with this great offer. plus, ask about 4k ultra hd and packages that include netflix. click, call or visit a store today.
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>> announcer: t the xfinity sports desk. isn't this like the least productive work day of the year? >> yes. we have ncaa tournaments, i have brackets for everyone. so you can join in the fun and productivity. >> did you bring pencils for everybody? >> i brought one. i can never trust my first instincts. but the three best weeks in coege basketball is upon us. in three days the tournament begins. the maryland men's basketball team and fans headed to jacksonville f the first round. virginia earning the number one seed in the south.e they t on gardner webb.
6:55 pm
remember last year uvao lost y'e 16 seed umbc. if they win, thell advance to play old miss or oklahoma. there are happy terps as they mare their name called for the tournament. they get the sixth seed in the region, their first game is thursday against theinner of e game between belmont and temple. terps looking for their first playoff win since 2016. and bruno fernando looking to be a big part of that, he sat down with johnnyoliday to talk tournament time. >> the ncaa tournament brings i out the bes everybody, the best in teams, individuals. 2002, what's rom it going to take for maryland to get one of these for you guys?hi >> i we got to stay locked in as a team. this is the time of year that a lot of teams go down or up. obviously we're trying to be one
6:56 pm
of the teams to go up. we're staying together as a team. easy to get caught up everybody says it's the best time of the year and everybody wants to do what they want to do for their individual success, but we got to remember this team basketball, and we want to win a champiship, so we got to stay together, stay connected and jus keep believing. we have to have fun more so than anything. happy times. grginia techting a four seed in the east. their bestt tournam seeding every. they're in for the third straht year. they play st. louis friday night inan s jose california. to play in they go on the winner of mississippi state or. and thanks to a leek, the terrapins getting a three seed, the terps finished the season 28 an 4 losing the big ten
6:57 pm
championship game. it's the ninth straight year maryland has made the tournament. eke a little bit of a damper from the brenda freeze happy to be in the big dance again. >> it's an unfortunate mishap but you can only control what lies ahead of you. i appreciate all of you guys adju adjusting. we've all had to do that on the fly. at the end of the day all danc it's just getting ready for your next opponent. >> they are still doing a meet and greet for th fans who drove to college park. vcu and old dominion men also securing their spot in the dance. before younoit, these kids will be playing the next level. that's the case for bradley beal, who'she playing t best basketball we've seen him play, the wizards hosting the jazz w hoping tee a repeat from
6:58 pm
bradley beal tonight. he had back-to-back 40 point games. the wizards went 3 and 1 last week. tip against the jazz, 7:00 p.m. on nbc sports onwashin another d.c. star shining this week, wain rooney named mls player of the week. the first mls hat trick foron ro and his first since november 2017 with everiton. d.c. united now 2-0-1 on the they visit orlando city on sunday. and that means so far they have not lost a game in the early season. as they move forward they have to keepressing. it's impressive to see what wayne rooney i doing out there. >> he's a game changer. >> yes. >> we'll get to work on that. >> i'm already done. thanks for joini us,
6:59 pm
everybody. "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. >> hope to s
7:00 pm
tonight a pairf disasters raging out of control. a massive inferno exploding neao hoand a plume of thick black smoke billowing for miles near one of the biggest cities in america. kofficials warning it coup burning for days. to the north, states of nc emergefrom a record-shattering flood disaster. cities and towns overwhelmed by water and cut off. meghan mccain firing back after president trump goes on a high raid attacking her father over six months after his dead. >> he spends his weekend i sessing over great men because he knows it and know it and all of you know it, he will never be a great man. an accused killer in court. the man authorities say murdered a mob boss in front of his home. the messages he scrawled on his hands flashing them e cameras to see. a big


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